welcome =)

Welcome to my blog!!  I have been updating here (almost) daily for the past few months.  When you first check out this blog, or have any random comment in this blog in general, please feel free to add comment to this guest book section.


25 thoughts on “welcome =)

  1. Did you cook those cheese cake by yourself?!! Look so yummy.I also had a Kerean spicy noodle in the same retaurant in this Sunday. Like it*.*

  2. wow…i mean wow…i have a question…I really like cake..I mean really really really like cake…One of those people that thinks that if there is cake any situation will be okay…do you have any interesting cake recipes that you would be willing to share???

  3. thaks or visiting my blog =) sure, let me start posting the recipe. for now, I do have a smaller collection step-by-step picture instruction (including recipe) on how to make sponge cake, cheeesecake and tiramisu. Just scroll down and check the link (list) on the right hand side of the display.

  4. Oh My! I want to eat all your pictures! What a fun idea for your space! I actually looked at all the pictures. You’re a great cook! Good Job. ^_^!

  5. Hey guess what…did you know today is "Sign a Guest Book Day"??That’s right go to my space if you like, and read up on it….sign my book and head out there in MSN spaces and meet some pretty groovy people from all over. If they don’t have a guest book just sign in the most recent blog entry that will work as well! Happy signing!Sooooo, ~*STAMP*~ ~*STAMP*~ *steps back* admires her handy work..yep looks good….a little crooked but looks good just the same! Have a super day! And get out there and sign away! (well you don’t have to but just a thought) lol((HUGZ))MetisRose

  6. Thanks Cake-Lover =)Yours look awesome too!! You know, for a short time (last week), this blog was the first item return in google search. But not anymore :( Gotta find a way get add this back to google index ;-)

  7. oh god , your killin me! those tantilizing goodies are making me soooo hungry! I’m a starving student what can I say… Cheers!

  8. your photo album should come with a warning."NOT TO BE VIEWED ON AN EMPTY STOMACH" thank you very much. what a great site. haven’t checked it all out yet but trust me i will.

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