White Water Rafting

I am still scared.. but really really happy that I have done that. So glad that I have done this with a wonderful group of colleague.  They are not only my team member now, they are truly my life saver.  Don’t think I will survive without ’em.

Here are the quick fact I can still remember…

  • 10 out of 16  fell into the river  (62.5% fell ratio)
  • one boat started with 9 paddles left with only 3 (66.7% paddle lost ratio)
  • majority of the first time white water rafter will try this again (pretty much all except me)
  • river level: 2.3 m (high)
  • tipped and nearly flipped raft: 1 out 2

First ride was with a guide who swore a lot…. that guide fell into river and lost his own paddle as soon as we started.  since we were one paddle short, i had good excuse to not paddle…. first one was not too bad.. for me :P  then we had a quick snack and swam on the cold water.   The quick swim was practice run just in case we may fall out of the boat later.   I am indeed a pretty good “swimming-pool” swimmer.. but that does not help at all… I swallow majority of river water during that practice swim.

By second ride, there was a bit of re-balancing (splitting up the less powerful women into two boats) and i got a paddle this time.  that was mostly calm water so I did fine.  then we hiked a little to skip through the really scary water.  before start our third ride, we could choose to turn around at that point and start walking back.  I chose to paddle purely because I was too lazy to walk…. i should NEVER NEVER NEVER be so lazy… i really should have walked..
Less than 5 minutes (maybe only 2 minutes), I fell out of the raft… i really couldn’t remember where I fell.   Only remember I attempted to swim to shore at some point.. but failed.. then I kept drafting away.. no idea where I was .. i probably was trapped  in a few holes too… so scary… i really think i could have died….so glad finally someone located me and pull me back to the boat.. after I got back into the boat for over a minute.. i could not move because I was so shocked…
really really happy and glad that i had such a good team rafting with me.. otherwise, I probably couldn’t survive without them…
If you feel brave enough to try rafting after this post, here is a link the the rafting company: http://www.chilliwackrafting.com/home.htm

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