Beijing Olympic Closing and Looking back

Kudos to summer Olympians of Canada.  You have made us really proud! I am excited about every single medal you have brought back (regardless of colour) and all the personal record you have broken.   I still remember a feature CBC news report showed the lack of funding for the summer sports comparing the winter games.  Your struggle has paid off and you all has helped us to win more gold medal per capita comparing to China ;-) 

The closing show was not as spectacular as the opening.    Some how I think it is not necessary the problem with the closing ceremony itself.  It is the fact that I couldn’t stop thinking "Is the Chinese government sending us fake computer generated graphic again?"   The most memorable moment of the closing was the actually the raising of the "Union Jack" within China.  A slight flashback of 97 hand over image, but this time the British flag is raising.    After the quick flashback, there was a long lingering thought of the "Treaty of Najing". 

Last but not least I felt my tax money has been very well spent in that crown corp: "CBC".  Outstanding coverage of the Olympic and I just *LOVE* the high quality live steaming.  The Olympic web site was very well layout and very organized.  The athletes and CBC personal blogs have been very interesting reading.  CBC truly has "LIVE" coverage comparing the at least one day old NBC coverage.   


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