Day 1 – Urban Trekking in HK

Arrived in HK 45 minutes behind schedule on Oct 9.   Canadian immigration should learn from the efficiency of the HK custom.  It took less than 5 seconds to pass through.    With my huge backpack, a normal size  backpack, a handbag and large and very heavy suitcase, I started my trip by taking A12 from  the Airport to my friend’s home in Shau Kei Wan to drop off the huge big piece of luggage.   It was quite a struggle to fit myself and my belongs in the tiny elevator in HK.  Then I started my “urban trek” with all my Nepal travelling gears (the two backpacks + shoulder bag) and a bag of souvenir.  First stop was Wan Chai to pick up HK SAR passport (ha! finally officially a Chinese.  before, I was oversea “aka-fake” British, then became a real Canadian).  Then met up with my friend for lunch close to her office in Wan Chai too.  Even that short about 30 minutes walk from Immigration Tower where I picked the passport to her office was an extremely challenging “trek” with mountain of people rushing (and almost pushing :P) beside you.  There were also a LOT of people walking and smoking.  Come on. when you have to smoke, stop and enjoy preferably in a enclosed smoky room.  Don’t pollute our air and force me to take the second hand smoke.  Then I snail down the stairs to take the MTR to Prince Edward to meet up with auntie for afternoon tea.   After the tea, I walked up to Mong Kwok East (the train station) to take a very long train ride to Sheng Shui to visi my uncle.  Of course, as usual, I was completely lost in the public hosting estate “jungle”.  I had to call my aunt for help.

See red highlighted name I mention, you can see how much distance I’ve covered while carrying such heavy load.  Shoulder hurting already… this is just day 1



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