(Sad) Poached Pear Charlotte

sad pears 049

Why it is sad… I made two and dropped one on my carpet.  So sad in many many ways.  The surviving one does not looks great but taste amazing!  The mousse inside is made with vanilla poach pear followed Alton Brown’s recipe.  Added chop piece of pear with mousse.  Used one batch (2 eggs) of lady finger sponge to line the side and bottom of two 5 inches mousse rings.

sad pears 043


2 thoughts on “(Sad) Poached Pear Charlotte

  1. Ooh, what are you talking about — this looks awesome-delicious-tastytastic! I love poached pears, but normally I poach mine in zinfandel, so I’ll have to try vanilla. :)

    • thanks =) i just took the picture in odd angle to hide the ugly , damage bottom ;-) Zinfandel is nice choice for poaching! I want the mousse to look pale & white, this is why i followed Alton’s white wine poaching recipe. Vanilla bean is make the poached pears smell awesome! Do give it a try!!

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