Europe Hopping 2010 Tripline

I have been back from this Hoppy Europe trip for almost a year and I have finally find the perfect way to showcase my totally 4 weeks trip to Europe.  Check out the following map created by Tripline.  Click on to map access flash playable version which flies through all the cities I have visited along with short slide show of pictures for each city.
Putting together my map and importing Facebook and Picasa pictures is so simple.  The end result is really amazingly cool  Before tripline, I have been spending a lot of effort on my Google Site(Europe Hopping 2010) the end result is no where close to tirpline.  I still like Europe Hopping 2010 for planning and gathering trip idea because of the flexibly to request for input.  Tripline is definitely perfect for sharing any trip.  I will slowly and gradually enter all my trips into tripline.

2 thoughts on “Europe Hopping 2010 Tripline

  1. I checked You Zigzagging travel in Europe. Wow, it was fantastic. I am sure that You enjoyed it with full heart. Next time You must include Italia and Scandinavia. Norway is beautiful and Finland also. Finland is a very unknown country and that is why it is worth for visit. Here I give to You some highlights just to get the picture, because I am sure that You have no idea about it.

    Medieval, historic Castle in Savonlinna:

    World’s biggest wooden church:

    Beautiful Monastery:

    Historical place, unique in the world:

    Church with painted 100 angels:

    Very special wooden church listed in Unesco world inheritance:

    One example of small towns with wooden houses (more beautiful small towns under category towns):

    This kind of art You cannot find anywhere else in the world:

    If You visit in winter then visit in the world’s biggest snow castle ice bar, restaurant, cabinets, chapel and snow hotel. Unique in the world:

    These were only some example of “unknown” Finland.

    Happy travel anywhere in the world You then travelling!

    • I love my 4 weeks in Europe and certainly would love to travel to more places. Thanks so much for the detail suggestions! I have always want to see Norway, Finland and Estonia (Estonia seems like odd choice, but I really want to see after watching Micheal Palin’s travel program).

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