Quantity.. not quality :(

finally start to bake last weekend… just went for quantity not quality… need to bake more to pratice…
plain white one is a chocolate & coffee cheeesecake with whipping cream topping.   the strawberries is a basic sponge cake


My Anchor Hocking 8″ x 8″ baking dish just exploded

Luckily it was inside my oven, otherwise, it would have caused even more harm.  i was baking at 350F and for 5 mins switch up to 400F.  both temperatures are below the baking range.   after 35 mins of baking in 350, i check the temperature of my rib and notice is not hot enough. so i turn up the temperature just by a little to 400F for 5 mins and turn off the oven but leaving the oven door close.  then all of a sudden there were smoke coming out of the oven.  i did not hear any exploding sound but the glass broken into tiny piece all of the oven…
I own that glass bake-ware for less than one year and there absolutely not scratch on it.  I will definitely file complain about this…

Am I really that stressed out?

– square puffy bread
– tiramisu
– petite four (miniature cake)
– green tea angel food cake
– grape jelly mousse cake


Will try this tomorrow..

On sale for only 1.49 … even cheaper than buying a block of plain cream cheese


daiso victory captures

If buying cheap walmart maybe encouraging sweat shops in china… probably buying from daiso is pretty much the same… Well… I am still a daiso supporter, can’t resist myself from the evil lure ..


plan for this weekend

  • tartlets (cream cheese, cottage, dried cranberry filling) — done partially
  • coffee & chocolate chips cheesecake
  • (the usual) red bean bun
  • green bean  wheat bun
  • (maybe) cream puffs
  • (nice to have) bear bear cookies

** need to buy sour cream


this weekend…

I’ve been baking and making different kind of food non-stop this weekend…
1) 1st try red bean paste bun
2) scallop yaki (similar to takoyaki, but put scallop inside)
3) quqsadillas
4) many pork dumplings with jicama, ginger, garlic and green onion
5) sponge cake base for tiramisu later this week (someone made me to
do for her b-day =P)
6) 2nd try red bean paste bun (not as good because i was busy do other
things, so it look a bit too dark)
7) ginger,garlic, green onion poached chicken..

wow… 7 items… unbelievable eh?