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Blogging from skytrain/bus

Hum.. when I bought my netbook, I was expecting a lot more blogging entries.  But somehow I ended up blogging less.. anyway, starting to write up whatever I am seeing from skytrain and bus today.  There is a young looking guy wearing pretty decent suit is selling “so-call” brand name ties on the skytrain.  Wow, you know the economy is really bad when u see this kind of “train-hawking”.  He was quite loud and scared off the old lady who was sitting next to me.

After two unsuccessful pitches, that guy is finally quiet because he probably should know that no one would believe the ties are real calvin klien that worth $300 dollars he has claimed.. 

Time is passing by so much after when typing, before i know i am already in boardway, ok see if I can continue this blog when i get on the bus…

too crowded in the bus, did not continue.  now laying in the bed already and typing madly – to complete this blog entry, then update requirement and later reply email

my new tv addiction

House M.D. — This is such a brilliant show.  just finished watching complete first and second season.  I love the content and main actor.  I really can’t believe he is a british.. absolutely no british ascent.  This really can be a one man show by “hugh laurie”.  I am sure swapping out his assistance will not make too much difference.

Read this from today’s 24 .. pretty funny

Top nine things athletes should know about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

9. 49.9 per cent of the people in this city are pissed that you’re coming here.

8. Whistler is 150 km away and it’s going to be an eight-hour drive.

7. We may be missing one very important feature during the games. It’s called snow.

6. Our mayor will not be competing in the paralympics.

5. We are depending on these 16 days to fix our economy forever, so don’t mess up.

4. If you’re not a hockey player, we are not interested in your little dream.

3. We don’t know what our Olympic logo (the heap of rocks) is or means either.

2. Whistler is full of Australians and we apologize in advance.

1. Ross Rebagliati’s dealer will be taking advance orders starting 2007.