Daisuki (だいすき)

I really love this heart warming drama.  It is about a mentally challenged young girl struggling through the obstacle to raise her daughter as single parent.  It may seems like a little dark and sad story at first, but it is actually very touching and sweet story how this young single mom is surrounded by caring and understanding family members and friends to help her through her life.

This story is actually from a comic series.  If the rating is good this time, it is very likely this will have sequel.

Official Link: http://www.tbs.co.jp/daisuki2008/


Iryu (1+2) – 医龍

Really love this drama after watching 2, so when back to watch the first one.  The cast is great (good looking and fairly decent acting) and the story line is very interesting.  

I actually really like the simple and easy to understand diagram explaining the operation.  Really not sure how real and close to real are those info.  But it really help you to understand and follow the story with that bit explanation.

This is indeed a very successful series I am hoping there will be Iryu 3 coming out in the future

Check here for a terser clip.

More background info from: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Iryu

A Song to the Sun (タイヨウのうた)

I like this drama a lot.  Really don’t understand why it did not do well in rating.  I like it a lot more than
結婚できない男 which was the best rating of last season.

The story is touching.  Both the lead and supporting actors  gave very good performance.  The only criticism to this drama is that it is not original enough.  Obviously, the creator was trying to be safe and stuck with rating bankable elements like: terminal disease from "a liter of tears" (1リットルの涙).  Cast dominated by a group of young, popular and cute actors from "花より男子.  I also couldn’t stop myself from thinking the setting is too much like "beach boys". 

Oishii Proposal (おいしいプロポーズ)

This really feels like a Japanese version of Korean drama (金三順).  The food related plot, background music, the crazy side characters and romance between an older female lead with a younger kid… All reminded of that Korean drama.   Korean version has better story and laugh.  but I prefer this Japanese version because i am die-hard Japanese drama fan.  and the main actress is much prettier in this Japanese version.  The best thing is the short and sweet drama.  only 10 ep. can finish watch without staying up late ;-)